Overcoming Melancholy with God’s Note: A Testimony

Steven and Terri Scott, Partners with Kenneth Copeland Ministries, realized the energy of God’s Note as soon as they learned to utilize it to beat despair and receive physical therapeutic for Steven. In 2014, Steven came down with the flu that resulted in a chronic lung infection. He battled with a debilitating cough that came and went. It became so frightening that it often affected his potential to feature and participate in day after day existence.

“One minute, I would be on the mountaintop thus a long way as health goes, after which race down again. Up again, up and down, up and down, up and down,” Steven stated.

The illness took its toll on Steven’s emotional neatly-being as worthy as on his physical neatly-being. He began to fight despair. Negative ideas as debilitating as his physical ailment assaulted his mind. He prayed for assist, but it wasn’t till his spouse Terri learned in regards to the energy of talking the word and taking a stand for his or her covenant rights did Steven’s situation commence to replace.

Steven learned he couldn’t finest pray for assist. He had to fight the enemy’s assault with the Note. “I started meditating on Psalms 27:1: ‘God’s my gentle and my salvation, whom shall I apprehension?’ And I started correct repeating that scripture over and over and over in my mind and asserting it out loud.”

In time, Steven overcame despair apart from his physical illness. Right this moment, he is healed and sharing the reality of the energy of God’s Note with others.

When you occur to pray to beat despair or want to ogle suggestions to stand in faith on God’s Note, stumble on Steven and Terri Scott’s video. And let Kenneth Copeland Ministries educate you straightforward suggestions to want a stand in faith to beat despair. We would like you to ride freedom in each and each home of existence!

Accumulate this confession for inserting despair in its space:

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